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Condensed upper sec. school

Det frie Gymnasium offers a hf where academic absorption goes hand in hand with an exiting and lively school atmosphere, also when the day’s lessons are over. We have chosen to offer to differently toned packages, a creative line and a communicative line.

An independent approach
The traditions of direct democracy and project work at Det frie Gymnasium influences you and the two years you spend studying with us. One of our main tenets is that everyone should be able to shape their everyday life and the school itself. This goes for students as well as teachers, in terms of the teaching and in terms of all the other things that contribute to the life of the school.
You learn how to present your opinion to others, and the opinions of others will also influence you. We see you as an asset for the democracy at the school.

As a student at Det frie Gymnasium, we expect you to make an active contribution to your education. You are academically active in classes, take part in the democratic process and make time for doing you homework and participating in joint arrangements. During the two years you will also be taking part in an intro-trip, theatre evenings, excursions and a study journey in your second year. All these activities will arouse your curiosity, strengthen your academic knowledge and increase class cohesion.