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Separate courses at upper secondary level

Det frie Gymnasium has a hf-enkeltfag division with a wide range of courses. Classes comprise 15-20 students at an average. The small size of classes and the school’s democracy mean that you will quickly get acquainted with your classmates and with students from other classes at the school.

Attending Det frie Gymnasium offers you a unique opportunity to take part in shaping the content of the teaching you receive, naturally in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.
By taking part in these meetings you can influence the decisions taken concerning the school’s development and structure, as well as getting an opportunity to join one of its subcommittees. You can also influence the future selection of courses offered. We also have separate meeting for the hf-enkeltfag division the last Thursday of every month.
As a student at Det frie Gymnasium you will be presented with a critical approach in many subjects and you will become a member of our school democracy, and thus, a member of the School Meeting held every Thursday from 12.25-13.55.